Other Religions and Faiths - Important Points

Baha'I Faith
Baha'I Faith originated in Iran
The founder of the faith was Baha-u-llah.
The Lotus temple at New Delhi belongs to the Baha'I faith.
The religion followed by Jews is known as Judaism.
Judaism was founded by Moses.
The sacred text of the Jews is the Torah.
The Jews place of worship is called the Synagogue.
The founder of Zoroastrianism is Zoroaster or Zarusthar.
It was formed around 6 B.C. in Iran.
Zoroastrians are also called Parsees.
The sacred book of the Parsees is Zend Avesta and their place of worship is the Fire Temple
Parsee new year is called the Navroze.
The Tower of Silence or Dakhma is the place where Parsees dispose off their dead.
The founder of Confucianism is Confucius, a Chinese teacher who lived during 599 - 479 BC.
The Analects are the sacred texts of Confucianism.