Soils and Crops

Soils: Facts to remember

Fact to remember Type of Soil
The soil most common in Indo-gangetic plainsAlluvial Soil
The soil which swells when wet and develops cracks when dryBlack Soil
The soil which owes its colour to oxides of ironLaterite Soil
The soil which requires least use of fertilisersAlluvial Soil
The soil which requires least tilling because of its characteristic of self-ploughingBlack Soil
The kind of soil which is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for croppingAlkaline soil
The soil which is poor in soluble saltsLaterite
The soil which is rich in surface accumulation of organic matterPeaty soil
The soil which is most suitable for cultivation of cottonBlack Soil
Khadar and Bhangar are types of Alluvial Soil
The soil which also known as Regur SoilBlack Soil
The soil which is generally unfit for cultivationLaterite Soil
The soil which is commonly used for making bricksLaterite Soil

Formation of Soils

Type of SoilHow formed
Alluvial SoilBy silt deposition brought by rivers.
Black SoilBy weathering of lava deposits on the Deccan Plateau.
Red and Yellow SoilBy weathering old crystalline or metamorphic rocks.
Laterite SoilDue to leaching by heavy rains and destruction of humus by bacteria.
Arid SoilBy weathering of rocks in dry conditions.
Saline SoilBy salt deposition by tides, rivers or sea breeze.
Peaty SoilDue to accumulation of larges amounts of organic matter in the soil.