Types of Farming

Given below are the characteristics of different types of farming, namely, Subsistence farming, Intensive farming and Shifting agriculture.

Subsistence Farming

  • Small land holdings
  • Use of primitive tools and methods
  • Lack of fertilisers and high yielding varieties of seeds
  • Most of the yield is consumed by the family

Intensive Farming

  • Mechanised agriculture
  • Use of advanced fertilisers
  • Use of high yielding variety of seeds
  • Profit oriented agriculture

Shifting Agriculture

  • Practised mostly by tribals
  • Forest land is cleared by felling of trees and burning
  • Crops are then grown till the fertility of soil decreases
  • The land is then abandoned and a new piece of land is selected.
  • Known as jhum in Assam and Podu in Odisha.


Agriculture and related fields

TypeRelated to
AgricultureCultivation of the soil and rearing of animals
HorticultureCultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, nuts, ornamental plants
FloricultureCultivation of flowers
ArboricultureCultivation of trees and shrubs
ApicultureBee keeping
AquacultureCultivation or rearing of aquatic plants and animals
AvicultureRearing of birds
PiscicultureRearing of fish
PomicultureGrowing of fruits
SericultureBreeding of silkworms
Viniculture/ViticultureCultivation of grapevines