Mahatma Gandhi - Important Facts

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Important events in the Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Event Year
Birth at Porbandar, Gujarat1869
Left for England to become a barrister1888
Left England to return to India after becoming a barrister1891
Sailed for South Africa1893
Established Phoenix Farm in S. Africa1904
Arrived in India from S Africa1915
Established Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat1915
Fought for Champaran indigo workers (also marked Gandhiji’s entry in to politics)1917
Started the Non co-operation movement1920
Non co-operation movement withdrawn due to Chauri Chaura incident1922
Organised the Dandi March to protest against the salt tax laws1930
Attended the II round table conference1931
Settles down at Sevagram, a village near Wardha1936
Launched the Quit India Movement1942
Assassinated by Nathuram Godse in Birla House, New Delhi1948

Important Fasts undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi

DateReason for fasting
1918, March 15-17Fasted in protest against the low wages of the Ahmedabad mill workers
1919, April 13-15Fasted as atonement for Jalianwala Baugh Massacre and also to atone for riots at Bombay, Ahmedabad and other places as a result of that massacre
1922, Feb. 12-16Fasted to atone for Chaurichaura Massacre
1932, Sep 20-25Against communal award of Ramsay Macdonald
1943, Feb. 10-28Fasted in protest against government’s attempt to blame Congress Party for disturbances after Quit India resolution
1948, Jan. 13-17To protest against and atone the communal riots

Mahatma Gandhi Elliott & Fry, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Self Test

Select the Correct Answer

1. In which year the Dandi March organised by Mahatma Gandhi?

2. In which year was the call for Quit India Movement given by Mahatma Gandhi?

3. Gandhiji was born in which year?

4. In which year did Gandhiji finally return from South Africa?

5. In which year was Gandhiji assassinated by Nathuram Godse?

6. In which year did Mahatma Gandhi launch the Champaran Satyagraha?

7. In which year Mahatma Gandhi call off the non-cooperation movement due to the Chauri Chaura incident?