First Humans in Space

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First in Space - Human Beings/Animals

Event Name of the Person Vehicle
First animal in spaceLaika, the dogSputnik-2
03 Nov 1957
First primate in spaceAlbert II, a rhesus monkeyV-2
14 Jun 1949
First man in spaceMaj Yuri GagarinVostok 1
12 Apr 1961
First woman in spaceValentina TereshkovaVostok 6
16 Jun 1963
First person to walk in spaceAlexei LeonovVoskhod 2
18 Mar 1965
First woman to walk in spaceSvetlana SavitskayaSalyut 7
25 Jul 1984
First American in spaceAllan ShepardMR-3 (Freedom 7)
05 May 1961
First American to orbit the earthJohn GlennFriendship 7
20 Feb 1962
First man on moonNeil ArmstrongApollo 11
20 Jul 1969
First Indian in spaceSqn Ldr Rakesh SharmaSoyuz T-11
02 Apr 1984
First US woman in spaceSally RideSTS-7 (Challenger)
18 Jun 1983
First space touristDennis TitoSoyuz TM32/31
28 Apr 2001
First woman space touristAnousheh AnsariSoyuz TMA9
18 Sep 2006
First Indian (American) Woman in spaceKalpana ChawlaSpaceship Columbia
19 Nov 1997
First Chinese in spaceLt Col Yang LiweiShenzou V
15 Oct 2003
First Chinese woman in spaceLiu YangShenzou 9
16 Jun 2012
First female commander of a space shuttleEileen CollinsDiscovery
03 Feb 1995
First female commander of International Space StationPeggy Whitson
October 2007


Select the right answer

1. Maj Yuri Gagarin 1st went into space in the year

2. Spaceflight which launched Neil Armstrong

3. First woman in space

4. First Indian in space in the year

5. First animal in space was a -

6. Space shuttle which carried Kalpana Chawla

7. First American in space


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