First Satellites of Countries in Space

First Satellites - Countrywise

EventName of the SatelliteDate
First SatelliteSputnik by USSR04 Oct 1957
First American SatelliteExplorer 101 Feb 1958
First British SatelliteAriel 1*26 April 1962
First Canadian SatelliteAlouette 1#01 Sep 1962
First Italian SatelliteSan Marco 1@15 Dec 1964
First French SatelliteAsterix26 Nov 1965
First Japanese SatelliteOshumi11 Feb 1970
First Chinese SatelliteDong Fang Hong I24 Apr 1970
First Indian satelliteAryabhatta**19 Apr 1975
First Israeli satelliteOfeq 119 Sep 1988
First Pakistani satelliteBadr-1@@16 July 1990
First Iranian satelliteSina 1##28 Oct 2005
  • *Ariel 1 was made and launched by the USA.
  • #Alouette 1 was constructed by Canada but launched by the USA.
  • @San Marco 1 was built by Italy but launched by the USA.
  • **Aryabhatta was made by India (ISRO) and launched by the USSR.
  • ## Sina 1 was made by Iran and launched by Russia.
  • @@Badr-1 was made by Pakistan and launched by China.