Alloys and Ores of Metals

Alloy: An alloy is a mixture of two of more elements, at least one of which is a metal. Like all mixtures (as opposed to compounds), the alloy retains the properties of the metal. An alloy may be made for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To increase the strength of the metal
  • To reduce corrosion
  • To reduce costs

Bronze is considered to be the oldest made alloy by man.

Important Alloys

Alloy Combination of Uses
DuraluminAluminium and CopperUsed in aircraft, pressure cookers
BrassCopper and ZincElectrical plugs, hinges, faucets, musical instruments
BronzeCopper and TinArt items like statues, tools, coins etc.
InvarIron and NickelPrecision instruments, clocks
Stainless steelIron, Chromium and NickelMost utensils in modern kitchen are made of stainless steel
German SilverCopper, Nickel and ZincDecorative utensils, ships and plumbings
GunmetalCopper, Tin and ZincOriginally used for making guns but now mainly used in pipe fittings, valves etc.
SolderLead and TinTo bond metals like brass, copper and tin together
ElectrumGold and SilverJewellery, decorative items, coins
NichromeNickel, Chromium and IronToasters, electrical kettles and heaters
Constantan (trademarked name)Copper and NickelThermocouples and some scientific components
Manganin (trademarked name)Copper, Manganese and NickelResistors and specific gauges

Ores of Metals

Metal Ore
CopperBornite, Chalcocite
TungstenWolframite, Scheelite

Quiz on Alloys and Ores

Select the Correct Answer

1. Argentite is an ore of

2. The combination of copper and tin makes

3. Which is an ore for mercury

4. Sphalerite is an ore for

5. Copper, Nickel and Zinc combine to make

6. The alloy used in electric heaters is

7. The earliest alloy used by man

8. Bauxite is an ore of

9. Solder contains

10. Which is an ore for copper?


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