Important Facts - Open Era Tennis Tournaments

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Open tournaments - First Held

#TournamentFirst HeldMonth held every yearCourt
1.Australian Open1905JanuaryPlexicushion
2.French Open1891May-JuneClay
4.US Open1881August-SeptemberDeco-turf

Miscellaneous Facts

The Open Era began in 1968, when the Grand Slam tournaments agreed to allow professional players to compete with amateurs.
In 1968, the French Championships became the first Grand Slam tournament to go open, allowing both amateurs and professionals to compete.
Pete Sampras, who held the record of maximum number of singles Grand Slam wins till Roger Federer overtook him, never won a French Open title.
Margaret Smith Court holds the record with 24 Grand Slam singles titles (All-time).
Boris Becker from Germany was the youngest male player ever to win Wimbledon in singles. He was 17 years old when he won it in 1985.
The French Open is actually named after a person – Roland Garros. He was a world-class aviator and a great tennis player.
In 1997, 16 year-old Martina Hingis became the youngest ever world number 1.
The trophy presented to the women's singles winner at the Wimbledon is known as Venus Rosewater Dish.
A Golden Slam is winning all the four Grand Slam tournaments as well as the Olympics Gold Medal.
Steffi Graf became the first and only tennis player to have won the Golden Slam in 1988.


Important Cups and Trophies associated with Tennis

Davis Cup - Country to country tennis event for men. First held in 1900.
Fed Cup - Women's equivalent of Davis Cup. First held in 1963.
Hopman Cup - Country to country basis for both Men and Women held in December every year in Australia. First held in 1989.
Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup is presented to the women's singles winners of the Australian Open.
Norman Brookes Challenge Cup is presented to the men's singles winner of the Australian Open.