Number of Players in Each Team

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Game Number of Players
Hockey 5s05
Ice Hockey06
Rugby Football15
Water Polo07
Beach Volleyball02
Kho Kho09
Sepak Takraw03

Games which are played by one or two players on each side (Single or Doubles)

1. Badminton 2. Tennis 3. Squash 4. Table Tennis 5. Carroms

games and number of players

Games and Positions of Players

Game Positions of Players
CricketWicket Keeper, Cover, Mid-wicket, Mid-Off, Mid-on, Slip, Gully, Square Leg, Long-on, Long-off, Third man, Fine leg, Silly point, Silly mid-off, Silly mid-on
FootballGoal keeper, Defender, Mid-fielder, Forward, Full-back, Centre-back, Sweeper, Right-winger, Left-winger
BasketballPoint guard, Shooting guard, Power forward, Center, Small forward
VolleyballSetter, Outside hitter, Right side hitter, Blocker, Libero
HockeyGoal keeper, Half-back, Full-back, Forward
Ice HockeyGoalie, Right and Left Wingers, Center, Right and Left Defenseman
BaseballPitcher, Catcher, First Baseman, Second Baseman, Third Baseman, Shortstop, Left Fielder, Right Fielder, Center Fielder
Rugby FootballLoosehead Prop, Tighthead Prop, Hooker, Open-side Flanker, Blind-side Flanker, Scrum-half, Fly-half, Full-backm, Number 8, Center
KabaddiCorners, Covers, Ins
LacrosseAttackers, Midfielders, Defenders, Goalie



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1. How many players play on each side in Volley Ball?

2. The game in which 10 players are on each side is -

3. Which team event game has the least number of players?

4. How many players are on each side of a baseball match?

5. Find the odd game out with respect to number of players.

6. How many players are on each team of a polo match?

7. Which game is played with nine players on each team?

8. Which game has a position known as Libero?

9. Which game has a position known as Loosehead Prop?

10. Point guard is a position associated with game?

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