50+ Most Important Inventors and Inventions

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Inventors of Domestic Appliances

Pendulum Clock1656Christian Huyges
Mechanical Clock1725I. Hsing and Liang Ting Tsan
Safety Match1826John Walker
Sewing Machine (Chain stitch)1841Barthelemy Thimmonier
Sewing Machine (Lock stitch)1846Elias Howe
Refrigerator1850James Hansen and Alexander Catlin
Typewriter1867Christopher L Sholes
Gramophone1878Thomas Alva Edison
Electric Lamp1879Thomas Alva Edison
Fountain Pen1884Lewis E Waterman
Ball-point Pen1888John J Loud
Ball-point Pen (Present form)1938Ladislao Jose Biro
Airconditioning1906Willis Haviland Carrier
Kitchen Blender1922Stephen Poplawski
TV (Mechanical)1926JL Baird
TV (Electronic)1927PT Farnsworth
Thermos Flask1892Sir James Dewar
Electric Iron1882Henry Seely
Microwave Oven1947Percy Spencer
Dishwasher (hand-powered)1887Josephine Cochrane

Inventions during the Industrial Revolution

Flying Shuttle1733John Kay
Powerloom1785E Cartwright
Spinning Frame1769Sir Richard Arkwright
Spinning Jenny1764James Hargreaves
Spinning Mule1779Samuel Crompton

Inventors of Aviation Machines

Invention Year Inventor
Aeroplane 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright
Airship (non-rigid) 1852 Henri Giffard
Airship (rigid) 1900 G.F. vonZeppelin
Hot air balloon 1783 Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier
Gliders 1853 Sir George Cayley
Helicopter 1924 Etienne Oehmichen
Hovercraft 1955 Christopher Cockerrell
Jet Engine 1937 Sir Frank Whittle
Parachute 1797 AJ Garnerin
Rocket 1926 Robert Goddard

First Hot Air Balloon Flight

The hot air balloon was developed by Montgolfier brothers and the first unmanned flight was made on September 19, 1783 in France. The first passengers were a sheep, a duck and a rooster and the flight lasted 8 minutes.

First Powered Flight

The first flight by Wright brothers was made on on December 17, 1903. The place was Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (USA). Orville Wright flew first making a 12-second flight and traveling 120 ft. They made 3 flights and the best was by Wilbur Wright which covered 255.6 m (852 ft) in 59 seconds.

Inventors of Vehicles and Related Equipment

Invention Year Inventor
Bicycle 1839-40 Kirkpatrick Macmillan
Bicycle tyres 1888 John Boyd Dunlop
Petrol Car 1886 Karl Benz
Carburettor 1876 Gottlieb Daimler
Diesel Engine 1895 Rudolf Diesel
Ship (steam) 1775 JC Perier
Ship (turbine) 1894 Sir C. Parsons
Submarine 1776 David Bushnell
Motorcycle 1885 G Daimler of Cannstatt
Streetcar 1834 Thomas Davenport

Inventors of Weapons and War Equipment

Invention Year Inventor
Atom Bomb 1945 J Robert Oppenheimer
Automatic Rifle 1918 John Browning
Ballistic Missile 1944 Wernher vonBraun
Bolt action rifle 1889 P von Mauser
Guided Missile 1942 Wernher vonBraun
Hydrogen Bomb 1952 Edward Teller
Neutron Bomb 1958 Samel Cohen
Tank 1914 Sir Ernest D Swington
Machine gun 1718 James Puckle
Revolver 1836 Samuel Colt
AK-47 1946 Mikhail Kalashnikov
Dynamite 1867 Alfred Nobel

Quiz 1 on Inventors and Inventions


Select the Correct Answer

1. Who of the following invented the typewriter?

2. Willis Haviland Carrier is known for the invention of -

3. Who of the following invented the thermos flask?

4. In which year did Thomas Edison invent the electric lamp?

5. Elias Howe is known for the invention of -

6. Who invented the fountain pen?

7. Who invented the television?


Quiz 2 on Inventors and Inventions


Select the right answer

1. Who invented the sewing machine?

2. Who discovered potassium?

3. Who invented the hot air balloon?

4. Who invented the bicycle?

5. Who invented the atom bomb?

6. Mikhail Kalashnikov is associated with invention of -

7. Who invented the jet engine?

Quiz 3 on Inventors and Inventions


Select the right answer

1. Who invented the Thermos Flask

2.Who invented the Fountain Pen

3. Who invented the Air Ship

4. Who invented the Petrol Car

5. Who invented the Revolver

6. Who invented the Hydrogen Bomb

7. Who invented the Typewriter

Quiz 4 on Inventors and Inventions


Select the right answer

1. Alfred Nobel was the inventor of -

2. Gottlieb Daimler was the inventor of -

3. Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of -

4. Barthelemy Thimmonier was the inventor of -

5. First flight by Wright Brothers was undertaken in the year -

6. Atom Bomb was invented in the year -

7. Samuel Colt was the inventor of -