Archeological Sites and their locations

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HarappaMontgomery (Sahiwal) district of Punjab in Pakistan.
MohenjodaroLarkana district of Sind in Pakistan.
LothalAhmedabad in Gujarat.
KalibanganHanumangarh district of Rajasthan.
DholaviraKachchh district in Gujarat.
BhirannaFatehabad district in Haryana.
BanawaliFatehabad district in Haryana.
AdichchanallurThoothukudi district in Tamilnadu.
JorweAhmednagar district in Maharashtra.
DaimabadAhmednagar district in Maharashtra.
ShortugaiNorthern Afghanistan.
ChanhudaroMullan Sandh, Sindh in Pakistan.
AmriDadu, Sindh in Pakistan.
MehrgarhBalochistan in Pakistan
GaneriwalaPunjab, Pakistan.
RakhigarhiHisar district in Haryana.
AttirampakkamTiruvallur district in Tamil Nadu.

Well-known Archaeologists

NameBrief Details
Sir Alexander CunninghamHe was a British army officer and archaeologist who excavated many sites in India, including Sarnath and Sanchi. He was the first director of the Indian Archaeological Survey.
John MarshallHe was the Director-General of Archaeological Survey of India from 1902 to 1928. During his tenure the Indus Valley Sites Harappa and Mohenjodaro were excavated.
Rakhaldas BanerjeeRD Banerjee was an Indian historian and archaeologist who excavated the Indus Valley site of Mohenjodaro in 1922.
Daya Ram SahniIn 1921-22 he supervised the excavation of Indus Valley Site, Harappa. He became the first Indian Director-General of Archaeological Survey of India in 1931. He was awarded the Rai Bahadur medal by the Governor of Punjab in 1920.