Discoverers of Elements

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Discovery of Elements - Inert Gases

Element Discoverer
ArgonSir William Ramsay and Lord Rayleigh
NeonSir William Ramsay and M.W. Tavers
KryptonSir William Ramsay and M.W. Tavers
XenonSir William Ramsay and M.W. Tavers
RadonSir William Ramsay and R. Whytlaw-Gray
HeliumSir William Ramsay, P.T.Cleve and N.Langlet

Discovery of Elements - Radioactive Elements

Element Discoverer
Polonium Marie Curie
Radium Marie Curie and Pierre Curie
Actinium Andre Louis Debierne
Thorium Jons Jacob Berzelius
Uranium Martin Heinrich Klaproth
Plutonium Glenn T. Seaborg, Edwin McMillan, Joseph W. Kennedy, and Arthur Wahl

Discovery of Elements - Gaseous Elements

HydrogenHenry Cavendish
Oxygen*Joseph Priestley
NitrogenDaniel Rutherford
FlourineHenri Moissan
ChlorineCarl Wilhem Scheele (Sir Humphry Davy recognized the gas as an element in 1810 and named it.)
*Carl Wilhelm Scheele observed the gas produced by heating certain compounds and identified its unique properties in 1772. Joseph Priestley first published his findings in 1774. In addition, the French chemist Antoine Lavoisier recognized its importance in combustion reactions and proposed the name "oxygen" for the element. Thus, different sources give credit to different persons.

Discovery of Compound Gases

Carbon dioxideJoseph Black
MethaneAlessandro Volta
Nitrous oxideJoseph Priestley
Hydrogen sulfideCarl Wilhem Scheele

Discovery of Elements - Chemical Elements

Chemical ElementDiscoverer
BariumHumphry Davy
CalciumHumphry Davy
PotassiumHumphry Davy
MagnesiumHumphry Davy
BoronHumphry Davy
SodiumHumphry Davy

Sir Humphry Davy (1778 - 1829)

Sir Humphry Davy, a chemist bright,

Invented a lamp that shone so light,

The miners rejoiced, the darkness gone,

Safe from the methane they toiled on,

His contributions to science will forever live on.

Sir Humphry Davy is well-known for the invention of a safety lamp for use in flammable atmosphere. It was created for use in coal mines, to reduce the danger of explosions due to the presence of methane and other flammable gases.

Select the Correct Answer

1. Oxygen was discovered by

2. Sir William Ramsay was the discoverer of -

3. Carbon dioxide was discovered by -

4. Nitrogen was discovered by -

5. Sir Humphry Davy was the discoverer of -

6. Hydrogen was discovered by -

7. Which element was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie

8. Methane was discovered by -