Important Days of the Year dedicated to Animals

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Interactivity for Animal Related Days

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Jan 20Penguin Awareness Day
Jan 31International Zebra Day
Feb 18World Pangolin Day
Feb 27International Polar Bear Day
March 3World Wildlife Day
March 20World Sparrow Day
Apr 14Dolphin Day
Apr 24World Day for Laboratory Animals
Apr 25World Penguin Day
Second Saturday of MayInternational Migratory Bird Day
May 15International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day
May 23World Turtle Day
June 21World Giraffe Day
June 22World Camel Day
July 29International Tiger Day
August 10World Lion Day
August 12World Elephant Day
August 19International Orangutan Day
Third Saturday of SeptemberInternational Red Panda Day
Sept 22World Rhino Day
Oct 23International Snow Leopard Day
Dec 4International Cheetah Day
Dec 14International Monkey Day

Select the Correct Answer

1. International Tiger Day

2. World Elephant Day

3. World Sparrow Day

4. International Polar Bear Day

5. World Lion Day

6. World Wildlife Day

7. World Day for Laboratory Animals