Finance Related Parliamentary Terms

Annual Financial statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of the Government of India for a financial yearBudget
The estimate of expenditure in respect of a Ministry/Department not charged upon the Consolidated Fund of India, placed for approval before the House on the recommendations of the PresidentDemand for Grant
A Bill ordinarily introduced each year to give effect to the financial proposals of the Government for the following financial yearFinance Bill
A bill containing only provisions dealing with all or any of the matters specified in sub-clauses (a) to (g) of Clause (1) of Articel 110 of the Constitution. (Such a bill cannot be introduced without the recommendation of the President and it also cannot be introduced in the Rajya SabhaMoney Bill
A Bill passed annually (or at various times of the year) providing for the withdrawal or appropriation from and out of the Consolidated Fund of India of moneys by Lok Sabha and moneys charged on the Consolidated Fund for the services of a financial year or a part thereof.Appropriation Bill
A motion for reduction of a demand for grant by or to a specified amountCut motion
Cut motion can be of three types - Disapproval of policy cut, Economy cut and Token cut
A grant made by Lok Sabha in advance in respect of the estimated expenditure of the Government of India for a part of a financial year pending the voting of Demands for Grants for the financial year. A Motion for Vote on Account is dealt with in the same way as if it were a demand for grant.Vote on Account