Mouths of Rivers of the World

Amazon, South AmericaAtlantic Ocean
Amur, ChinaStrait of Tartary, Pacific Ocean
Brahmaputra, Indian subcontinentBay of Bengal
Chao Phraya, ThailandBay of Bangkok, Gulf of Thailand
Congo, AfricaAtlantic Ocean
Danube, EuropeBlack Sea
Irrawaddy, MyanmarAndaman Sea
Mekong, South-East AsiaSouth China Sea
Mississippi, North AmericaGulf of Mexico
Murray, AustraliaSouthern Ocean
Niger, AfricaGulf of Guinea, Atlantic Ocean
Nile, AfricaMediterranean Sea
Ob, RussiaGulf of Ob (Arctic Ocean)
Indus, Indian subcontinentArabian Sea
Rhine, EuropeNorth Sea
Shatt al-Arab (formed by Tigris and Euphrates)Persian Gulf
Thames, United KingdomNorth Sea
Ural, RussiaCaspean Sea
Volga, RussiaCaspean Sea
Yangtse, ChinaEast China Sea
Yellow river, ChinaBohai Sea, Pacific Ocean
Zambezi, AfricaIndian Ocean

Self Test on Mouths of Rivers

Select the Correct Answer

1. Nile river empties into which of following water bodies?

2. Which river ends its journey in the Caspean Sea?

3. The mouth of Amazon river is located on the shores of which ocean?

4. Which river flows into the Black Sea?

5. Which African river flows into the Indian Ocean?

6. Which river flows into the Strait of Tartary?

7. Irrawady river flows into the -

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