Important Inorganic Acids

What are Inorganic Acids?

Inorganic acids are a type of acid that do not contain carbon-hydrogen bonds in their molecular structure. They are usually derived from inorganic compounds such as minerals and non-living sources. Inorganic acids can be strong or weak, depending on their dissociation or ionization in water.

These acids are commonly used in industrial processes such as metal cleaning, fertilizer production, and battery manufacturing, as well as in laboratory experiments and chemical analysis. Inorganic acids are typically highly corrosive and reactive, and they can cause burns and other health hazards if not handled properly.

The strongest known acid is fluoroantimonic acid. Fluoroantimonic acid is a mixture of hydrofluoric acid and antimony pentafluoride.

Common UseAlso remember
Hydrochloric acid
Pickling of steelGastric acid secreted by stomach mainly contains HCl.
Nitric acid
Production of fertilisersNitric acid is produced by electric discharge in the atmosphere such as lightning. Known as Aqua Fortis in ancient times.
Sulphuric acid
As an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries.Known as Oil of Vitriol in ancient times.
Phosphoric acid
Used in beverages like colas to give a tangy taste.-
Hydroflouric acid
Etching (writing or marking) of glassStored in plastic containers.
Carbonic acid
Making of soft drinks and other bubbly drinksCO2 in air combines with water in the ocean to form carbonic acid. Ocean acidification thus caused is of grave environmental concern.
Boric acid
1. Antiseptic 2. Eye wash 3. Socks and shoes to prevent athlete's foot-

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1. Acid used in lead-acid batteries

2. Acid used for etching glasses

3. Acid used as an antiseptic

4. Acid mainly present in gastric juice

5. Acid used in production of fertilisers


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