Soils and Crops

Soils: Facts to remember

Fact to remember Type of Soil
The soil most common in Indo-gangetic plainsAlluvial
The soil which swells when wet and develops cracks when dryBlack
The soil which owes its colour to oxides of ironLaterite
The soil which requires least use of fertilisersAlluvial
The soil which requires least tillingBlack
The kind of soil which is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for croppingAlkaline soil
The soil which is poor in soluble saltsLaterite
The soil which is rich in surface accumulation of organic matterPeaty soil
The soil which is most suitable for cultivation of cottonBlack

Crops : Points to remember

Point to remember Crop
The crop which requires water-logging for its cultivationRice
The crop best suited in areas where rain falls only for two monthsPulses
The ideal crop for areas with rainfall above 200 cm and sloping hillsTea
The crop which requires a large amount of rainfall and no standing waterTea

Crops : Largest Producers

Feature State
The largest producer of paddy in IndiaWest Bengal
The lagest producer of wheat in IndiaUttar Pradesh
The lagest producer of sugarcane in IndiaUttar Pradesh
The lagest producer of groundnut in IndiaGujarat
The largest producer of tea in IndiaAssam
The largest producer of coffee in IndiaKarnataka
The largest producer of jute in IndiaWest Bengal
The largest producer of tobacco in IndiaAndhra Pradesh
The largest producer of bananas in IndiaTamilnadu
The largest producer of saffron in IndiaJammu & Kashmir
The largest producer of onion in IndiaMaharashtra
The largest producer of black pepper in IndiaKerala
The largest producer of cotton in IndiaGujarat*
The largest producer of bamboos in IndiaAssam
The largest producer of litchis in IndiaBihar
*Maharashtra has the largest area under cotton cultivation but Gujarat is the largest producer as per GoI release dt 25 Jul 2011

Crops : India's Rank in the World

Feature Rank
Millets, Lemon & limes, Bananas, Ginger, Mangoes, Papayas, Jute, Castor Oil seed, Safflower oil seedFirst
Sugarcane, Wheat, Onion, Potatoes, Garlic, Rice, Tea, CottonseedSecond