Current Affairs of December 2014

The Chinese smartphone vendor which along with its e-commerce partner Flipkart has been asked by the Delhi Court to stop importing and selling devices in India in response to Swedish company Ericsson's patent-infringement petitionXiaomi
The river in which an oil tanker sank after colliding with a cargo vessel and caused an oil spillage threatening wildlife in the Sundarbans forestShela
The person has been chosen to be appointed the next United States ambassador to India filling the vacant post since the resignation of Nancy Powell in March 2014 (He is the first Indian-American chosen for the post)Richard Rahul Verma
The country which was first to recognise Bangladesh as an independent nation on 06 Dec 1971 as has been clarified by Bangladesh’s Foreign Office putting an end to decades old speculation on the issueBhutan
The US aircraft manufacturing company which has been awarded the contract for supplying multi-role helicopters S-70B to Indian NavySikorsky
The music director duo who have been chosen for this year's Swaralaya Devarajan National Award for their contribution to the field of classical musicPt. Shiv Kumar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia
The island nation in the Indian Ocean to which India has despatched 1000 tonnes of water using Indian Navy ships and Indian Air Force aircraft following failure of the country's desalineation plantMaldives
The Sri Lankan batsman who has become the fourth batsman in the history of one-day internationals to cross surpass the 13,000-run (the other three being Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting and S Jayasuriya)Kumar Sangakkara
The team captained by Manoj Tiwary which has won the Deodhar Trophy defeating defending champions West Zone in the finalsEast Zone
The limit on Pre-paid Payment Instruments (PPI) issued by banks, has been raised by RBI from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 1 lakh
The per cent of stake in Steel Authority of India which Government of India has decided to disinvest in a public offering5 per cent
The new Director General of Central Bureau of Investigation who has been appointed following retirement of former chief Ranjit SinhaAnil Sinha
The Japanese space explorer luanched on a six-year roundtrip journey to blow a crater in a remote asteroid and collect samples from inside in hopes of gathering clues to the origin of earth is named
(The explorer is expected to reach the asteroid in 2018 and spend about 18 months studying it before returning in 2020.)
Hayabusa 2
The first and only Muslim Chief Minister of Maharashtra who passed away on 02 Dec 2014A.R. Antulay

Hero Men's Hockey Champions Trophy 2014

Venue : Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneshwar

Teams : India, Australia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Belgium, Argentina, England and Germany

Final Rankings : 1. Germany, 2. Pakistan, 3. Australia, 4. India

Time Person of the Year 2014

Ebola fighters (refers to health care workers who helped fight the spread of EVD.)

Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer

Born - 15 November 1914

Died - 04 December 2014

Judge of Supreme Court - 17 July 1973 to 14 November 1980

Awarded Padma Vibhushan in - 1999

Autobiography - Wandering in Many Worlds

Other books - Law and the People, Life after Death, Social Mission of Law, Of Law and Life

Launch of communication satellite GSAT-16

Launch date - 07 November 1914

Launched from - Kourou space port - French Guiana

Launch vehicle - Ariane 5 VA221

The satellite replaces INSAT 3E which expired in April 2014. GSAT-16's 48 transponders - 12 in the C band, 12 in the extended C and 24 in the Ku band - cover the entire country and the Andaman & Nicobar islands. GSAT-16 will be used by television, telephone, Internet, public and private operators.

Web Index 2014 released by World Wide Web Foundation

Top Five
  1. Denmark
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Sweden
BRICS Counries
  1. Brazil - Rank 33
  2. Russia - Rank 35
  3. China - Rank 44
  4. South Africa - Rank 45
  5. India - Rank 48