Medical Discoveries

PenicillinAlexander Fleming
Malaria ParasiteRonald Ross
Circulation of bloodWilliam Harvey
ChloroformSimpson and Harrison
HIV VirusLuc Montagnia and Rober Gallo
X-RaysWilhelm Roentgen
DNAJames Watson and Francis Crick

Discovery of Vaccines

Vaccine Discoverer
Small Pox Edward Jenner
Rabies Louis Pasteur
Influenza Thomas Francis Jr.
Measles Maurice Hillman
Mumps Maurice Hillman
Chicken Pox Maurice Hillman
Meningitis Maurice Hillman
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B Maurice Hillman
Pneumonia Maurice Hillman
Rotavirus Paul Offit
Rubella Stanley Plotkin
Polio Jonas Salk