Facts about Metals

Fact to remember Name of the metal
The metal with highest melting pointTungsten
The metal with highest thermal conductivitySilver
The metal with highest electrical conductivitySilver
The metal with highest densityOsmium
The metal with the lowest densityLithium
The most malleable and ductile metalGold
The metal with the highest melting pointTungsten
The least reactive metalPlatinum
Metal most abundant in earth’s crustAluminium
Metal which forms amalgam with other elementsMercury
Metal used in a fuse wire and also in solderLead-tin alloy
Metal used in the filament of a bulbTungsten
Metal which pollutes the air of cities having large number of vehiclesLead (reason for using unleaded petrol)
Metal used in the filaments of electric heatersNichrome
Metal used as radiation shieldLead
Metal into which Uranium turns when it loses all its radioactivityLead
Metal used for making boats because it does not corrode by seawaterTitanium