Directions: In the questions given below, four options have been given. Click on the option which you think is the RIGHT ANSWER to the question.

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1. In which year was Jharkhand separated from Bihar?

2. Which of the following is the State bird of Bihar?

3. At which of the following places in Bihar is the famous cattle fair held on Kartika Poornima?

4. The tomb of which historical ruler is located in Sasaram?

5. Which of the following languages of Bihar uses the Tirhuta script?

6. Who of the following has founded the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi?

7. Chhath puja which is celebrated in Bihar is dedicated to which God?

8. In which district is the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary located?

9. Who of the following persons from Bihar was known as the Mountain Man?

10. Which of the following Sikh gurus was born in Patna?

11. Who of the following persons was nicknamed Lok Nayak?

12. At which of the following places does the river Kosi meet the Ganga?

13. On which day is the Bihar Diwas celebrated?


14. Who of the following was the founder of Nalanda University?

15. Which of the following was the first newspaper to be published from Bihar?

16. Who of the following was known as Bihar Vibhuti?

17. The airport in Patna is named after which famous personality?

18. What was the original name of Hindi and Maithili poet Nagarjun?

19. What is the rank of Bihar in terms of population of Indian States?

20. Which is the most populous tribe in Bihar?

21. In which city is the Khuda Baksh Oriental library located?

22. Barauni Refinery in Bihar was built in collaboration with -

23. Who of the following is known as Maithil Kavi Kokil or the Poet Cuckoo of Maithili?

24. Bihar ranks the lowest in terms of literacy as per 2011 census. What is the percentage of literates in the States as per the census?

26. How many MPs represent the State in the Indian Parliament?