Important and Useful Chemicals

Use Chemical
Chemical with which flourescent lamps are coated for providing illumination Phosphor
Chemical used to remove rust stains from clothes Oxalic acid
Chemical with which photographic films are coated Silver Bromide
Chemical in which gold dissolves Aqua Regia
Chemical with which non-stick cookware is coated Teflon
Chemical used in the manufacture of matches Phosphorus
Chemical used to purify water (as a disinfectant) Chlorine
Chemical used as an antiseptic in mouth freshner, toothpastes etc. Hydrogen Peroxide
Chemicals used in the breath test to check drunken driving Potassium dichromate and Sulphuric acid
Chemical used as a purgative Magnesium Sulphide
Chemical used in cloud seeding Silver Iodide
Chemical used as a fixing agent in photography and also for washing as a germicide Sodium thiosulphate
Chemical commonly used in explosive devices as well as fertilisers Ammonium Nitrate
The substance which is used to make capsule shells in pharmaceutical industry. The substance is also used as gelling agent in cooking. Gelatin
The sugarcane industry product being blended with petrol to reduce pollution and also to reduce the import burden of petrol in India Ethanol
The organic compound widely used as a cleaning agent in dry cleaning Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene)
The chemical commonly used in baby diapers for its super absorbent properties Sodium polyacrylate
The chemical used for embalming bodies and preservation of animal specimens and tissue samples Formalin (aqeous solution of formaldehyde)
The compound which is used in moisturing creams and soaps because of its hygroscopic properties Glycerol
The chemicals used to produce fog/smoke on theatrical stages or studios 1. Dry ice 2. Glycol and water mix
The chemical used as anticoagulant in blood collection tubes and for the preservation of blood in blood banks Sodium Citrate
The chemical commonly used as rodenticide Zinc Phosphide
The chemical commonly used in sunscreen lotions, cigarette filters, ceramic industry Zinc Oxide