Books by Award Winning Authors

Books by Nobel Laureates

Rabindranath Tagore VS Naipaul Amartya Sen
GitanjaliIn a Free StateThe Argumentative Indian
GoraA Bend in the RiverGrowth Economics
GardnerAn Area of DarknessThe Idea of Justice
The Post OfficeThe Mystic MasseurOn Economic Inequality
Hungry StonesIndia: A Million Mutinies NowIdentity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny
The King of Dark ChamberHalf a LifeCommodities and Capabilities
The Home and the WorldA House for Mr. BiswasInequality Re-examined
ChandalikaMagic SeedsEquality of Capacity

Books by Indian Booker Prize Winning Authors

Salman Rushdie Arundhati Roy Arvind Adiga Kiran Desai
Midnight's ChildrenGod of Small ThingsThe White TigerThe Inheritance of Loss
Satanic VersesBroken RepublicLast Man in TowerHullabaloo in the Guava Orchard
ShameThe End of ImaginationBetween the Assassinations
The Moor's Last SighPower PoliticsThe Sultan's Battery
FuryThe Algebra of Infinite JusticeThe Elephant
The Enchantress of FlorenceThe Cost of LivingLast Christmas in Bandra
GrimusListening to Grasshoppers
The Ground Beneath Her FeetAn Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire
 Ministry of Utmost HappinessSelection Day

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Books and Authors

1. Satanic Verses
2. The Argumentative Indian
3. The White Tiger
4. The Home and the World
5. God of Small Things
6. The Inheritance of Loss
7. A Bend in the River