Important Joint Military Exercises

Why are Joint Military Exercises carried out?

Joint military exercises are carried out by countries for several reasons, and these exercises serve a variety of purposes. Here are some of the key reasons why countries engage in joint military exercises:

  1. Interoperability
  2. Training and Readines
  3. Crisis Response and Humanitarian Assistance
  4. Deterrence
  5. Building Confidence and Cooperation
  6. Technology Integration
  7. Strategic Alignment
  8. Show of Force or Solidarity

Joint Military Exercises carried out by India

Code NameCountries
IndraIndia and Russia
SimbexIndia and Singapore
Agni WarriorIndia and Singapore
Bold KurukshetraIndia and Singapore
SalvexIndia and United States
Yudh AbhyasIndia and United States
Vajra PraharIndia and United States
SlinexIndia and Sri Lanka
Mitra ShaktiIndia and Sri Lanka
SampritiIndia and Bangladesh
Nomadic ElephantIndia and Mongolia
VarunaIndia and France
ShaktiIndia and France
Surya KiranIndia and Nepal
JimexIndia and Japan
Sahyog KaijinIndia and Japan
Dharma GuardianArmies of India and Japan
Garuda ShaktiIndia and Indonesia
Samudra ShaktiIndia and Indonesia
LamityeIndia and Seychelles
Naseem Al BahrIndia and Oman
Al NagahIndia and Oman
Eastern BridgeAir Forces of India and Oman
Hand-in-handIndia and China
AUSINDEXIndia and Australia
Prabal DostykIndia and Kazakhstan
KhanjarIndia and Kyrgystan
MaitreeIndia and Thailand
SITMEXSingapore, India and Thailand Trilateral Maritime Exercise
Ajeya WarriorIndia and United Kingdom
KonkanIndia and United Kingdom
Desert EagleIndia and United Arab Emirates
EkuverinIndia and Maldives
VinbaxIndia and Vietnam
Harimau ShaktiIndia and Malaysia
DustlikIndia and Uzbekistan
Khaan QuestMulti-nation military exercise held in Mongolia
MilanMulti-nation Naval exercise in the Indian Ocean
DostiTrilateral Coast Guard exercise among India, Sri Lanka and Maldives from 2012 and bilateral between India and Maldives from 1991 to 2011
MalabarTrilateral Naval exercise between India, Japan and United States from 2015 and bilateral between India and United States from 1992 to 2014

Test Yourself

Select the answer on the basis of the hint

1. Exercise Yudh Abhyas is carried out by India and which other country?
2. Which exercise is carried out jointly by India and Maldives?
3. With which country does India carried the joint military exercise Ajeya Warrior
4. Which of these is a multinational Naval Exercise?
5. Which country hosts the multinational military exercise Khaan Quest?
6. Exercise Sampriti is a bilateral military exercise held by India and which country?
7. Which of these exercises is carried out by India and Sri Lanka?
8. Exercise Varuna is a military exercise carried out by India with which other country?
9. With which country does India conduct the exercise named Hand-in-hand?
10. Surya Kiran is a military exercise carried out by India with which other country?


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