Inventors of Weapons

Invention Year Inventor
Atom Bomb 1945 J Robert Oppenheimer
Automatic Rifle 1918 John Browning
Ballistic Missile 1944 Wernher vonBraun
Bolt action rifle 1889 P von Mauser
Guided Missile 1942 Wernher vonBraun
Hydrogen Bomb 1952 Edward Teller
Neutron Bomb 1958 Samel Cohen
Tank 1914 Sir Ernest D Swington
Machine gun 1718 James Puckle
Revolver 1836 Samuel Colt
AK-47 1946 Mikhail Kalashnikov
Dynamite 1867 Alfred Nobel

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Select the right answer

1. Alfred Nobel

2. Gottlieb Daimler

3. Thomas Alva Edison

4. Barthelemy Thimmonier

5. First flight by Wright Brothers

6. Atom Bomb

7. Samuel Colt