Classical and Folk Dances of India

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Differences between Folk Dance and Classical Dance

1. Origin and Tradition: Folk dances have their roots in the customs and traditions of a specific community, whereas classical dances are typically associated with courtly or temple traditions.

2. Complexity and Technique: Folk dances are simple in terms of choreography and technique while classical dances are highly structured, require advanced technical skills, and demand years of training and practice to master.

3. Performance Context: Folk dances are often performed in social settings, community gatherings, or cultural festivals. They are intended for general entertainment, celebration, and cultural expression. Classical dances, however, are primarily performed on formal stages with professional dancers and are often presented as standalone performances or part of larger productions. They are intended for appreciation of skills of performers.

4. Costumes and Music: Folk dances often incorporate traditional costumes and music that is indigenous to the region or community. Classical dances have distinctive costumes that reflect the historical or mythological context of the dance form. They are usually accompanied by classical music compositions specific to the dance style.

5. Adaptability and Variation: Folk dances have a higher degree of adaptability and regional variations. They evolve and change over time, influenced by the community's customs and contemporary trends. Classical dances, in contrast, are more conservative and have strict adherence to specific techniques, gestures, and compositions, limiting the scope for individual variations.

Folk Dances of India

Folk Dances State
Mayurbhanj ChauOrissa
Purulia ChauWest Bengal
Kachhi GhodhiRajasthan
RouffJammu and Kashmir
Raut NachChhattisgarh
KarakattamTamil Nadu
Dollu KunithaKarnataka

Slideshow on Folk Dances of India

राजस्थान का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of Rajasthan

घूमढ़ - Ghoomar

गुजरात का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of Gujarat

गर्बा - Garba

पंजाब का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of Punjab

भांगड़ा - Bhangra

कर्नाटक का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of Karnataka

यक्षगान - Yakshgana

महाराष्ट्र का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of Maharashtra

लावणी - Lavani

उड़ीसा का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of Odisha

मयुरभंज छाऊ - Mayurbhanj Chhau

पश्चिम बंगाल का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of West Bengal

पुरुलिया छाऊ - Purulia Chhau

असम का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of Assam

बीहू - Bihu

छत्तीसगढ़ का लोक नृत्य - Folk Dance of Chhattishgarh

राऊत नाच - Raut Nach

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Classical Dances of India

Classical Dance State
Bharat NatyamTamilnadu
Mohini AttamKerala
KuchipudiAndhra Pradesh
KathakNorth India mainly U.P.


Select the right answer

1. Yakshagana is the folk dance native to which state?

2. Which of the following folk dance is from Rajasthan?

3. Which of these is a classical dance?

4. Rauff is a folk dance from which of the following states?

5. Bharat Natyam is a classical dance from which state?

6. Raut Naach is a folk dance from which state?


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