Largest Geographical Features in the World

Largest ContinentAsia
Largest OceanPacific Ocean
Largest BayBay of Bengal
Largest GulfGulf of Mexico
Largest PeninsulaArabian Peninsula
Largest IslandGreenland
Largest Volcano (subaerial)Mauna Loa (Hawaii)
Largest Coral ReefGreat Barrier Reef (Australia)
Largest and Highest PlateauPamir (Tibet, China)
Largest ArchipelagoMalay Archipelago (Includes Indonesia and Philippines)
Largest Desert (Hot)Sahara Desert (Africa)
Largest Desert Antarctica
Largest GlacierLambert Glacier (Antarctica)
Largest RiverAmazon (South America)
Largest LakeCaspean Sea
Largest SwampPantanal (South America)
Largest DeltaGanges Delta or Sunderbans Delta (India/Bangladesh)
Deepest CanyonCotahuasi Canyon (Peru)
Deepest Point on EarthChallenger Deep (Pacific Ocean)
Deepest LakeLake Baikal (Russia)
Highest WaterfallsAngel Waterfalls (Venezuela)

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