Waterfalls of India and the World

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Waterfalls in India

Kunchikal Falls (Tiered waterfalls)1493 ftVarahiKarnataka
Barehipani Falls1309 ftBudhabalangaOdisha
Langshiang Falls1107 ftKynshiMeghalaya
Dudhsagar Falls1017 ftMandoviGoa
Nohkalikai Falls1100 ft-Meghalaya
Jog Falls or Gersoppa falls (Plunge waterfalls)829 ftSharavatiKarnataka
Magod Falls650 ftBedthiKarnataka
Lushington Falls or Unchalli Falls or Keppa Jog falls380 ftAghanashiniKarnataka
Sivasamudram Falls320 ftCauveryKarnataka
Hundru Falls320 ftSubernarekhaJharkhand
Kapildhara Falls100 ftNarmadaMadhya Pradesh
Athirappilly Falls167 ftChalakkudiKerala
Tiered waterfalls touch land surfaces at one or more places before they reach the bottom, while plunge waterfalls directly descend to the bottom. Nohkalikai Falls are rainfed, meaning there is no river preceding the waterfall.

Note: This list is not exhaustive and covers only important falls from competitive exam point of view

Waterfalls of the World and Rivers

Niagara fallsNiagaraCanada/United States
Victoria fallsZambeziZambia
Angel fallsChurunVenezuela
Iguacu fallsIguacuArgentina
Kaieteur FallsPotaroGuyana
Note: There are innumerable waterfalls in the world but only a few are listed here keeping in view the scope of this website and that of GK required for competitive exams in India.


Match the Waterfall with the River

1. Gersoppa Falls

2. Victoria Falls

3. Kapildhara Falls

4. Dudhsagar Falls

5. Sivasamudram Falls

6. Hundru Falls