Canals and Straits

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Strait/CanalLand masses dividedWater Bodies joined
Suez CanalRuns through EgyptMediterranean and Red Sea
Kiel CanalRuns through GermanyNorth Sea and Baltic Sea
Bering StraitAlaska (USA) and Siberia (Russia)Pacific and Arctic
Palk StraitIndia and Sri LankaBay of Bengal and Gulf of Mannar
Strait of GibraltarAfrica and EuropeAtlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
Strait of MalaccaIndonesia (Sumatra) and Malaysia (Malay) Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
Panama CanalRuns through Republic of PanamaPacific and Atlantic Ocean
English ChannelEngland and FranceNorth Sea and Atlantic Ocean
St. George's ChannelIreland and WalesIrish Sea and Atlantic Ocean (Celtic Sea)
Cook StraitNorth and South Islands of New ZealandTasman Sea and South Pacific Ocean
Ten Degree ChannelAndaman Islands and Nicobar Islands-
Bosphorus StraitRuns through Istanbul (Turkey) separating Asian part of Turkey from its European partBlack Sea and Sea of Marmara
Duncan PassageRutland Island (Great Andaman) and Little AndamanBay of Bengal and Andaman Sea
Eight Degree ChannelIhavandiffulu Atoll (Maldives) and Minicoy Island (Lakshadweep)Arabian Sea
Torres StraitAustralia and New GuineaCoral Sea and Arafura Sea


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