Important information on Reserve Bank of India

RBI and Currency related information
The Reserve Bank of India was set up on the basis of the recommendations of theHilton Young Commission
Reserve Bank of India started its operations on01 Apr 1935
Reserve Bank was nationalised in 1949
The first Governor of Reserve Bank of India wasSir Osborne Smith
The first Indian Governor of Reserve Bank of India wasShri CD Deshmukh
The term of office of Governor of Reserve Bank of India is5 years
The two Governors who have later held the post of the finance minister of India areShri CD Deshmukh & Dr. Manmohan Singh
The maximum number of Deputy Governors RBI can have4
Number of regional offices of RBI28
RBI can issue notes upto the value of Rs. 10,000/-
The logo of RBI hasA palm tree and a tiger
The H.O. of the RBI is inMumbai
The maximum amount for which customer's deposit is insured in a bank (by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of RBI)Rs. 1,00,000

Regional Offices of RBI

1. Srinagar2. Jammu3. Shimla4. Chandigarh
5. Dehradun6. New Delhi7. Jaipur8. Lucknow
9. Kanpur10. Patna11. Gangtok12. Guwahati
13. Agartala14. Ranchi15. Kolkata16. Bhubaneswar
17. Raipur18. Bhopal19. Nagpur20. Hyderabad
21. Chennai22. Kochi23. Bangalore24. Panaji
25. Belapur26. Mumbai27. Ahmedabad28. Thiruvananthapuram

Functions of the RBI

Primary Functions of the Reserve Bank of India
1. Monetary Authority of India
2. Issuer of Currency
3. Banker and Debt Manager to the Government
4. Banker to the banks
5. Regulator of the Banking System
6. Manager of Foreign Exchange
7. Regulator and Supervisor of the payment and settlement system
8. Developmental role

Institutions established by RBI

InstitutionHead Office
Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee CorporationMumbai
National Housing BankNew Delhi
National Bank for Agricultural and Rural DevelopmentMumbai
Industrial and Development Bank of India
Securities Trading Corporation of IndiaMumbai
Discount and Finance House of India
Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private LimitedBangalore