Largest, Smallest, Most and Least Populated Countries of the World

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Largest Country in the WorldRussia*
Largest Country in the Southern HemisphereBrazil
Largest Country entirely in the Southern HemisphereAustralia
Largest All-Asian CountryChina
Largest All-European CountryUkraine
Largest Country in AfricaAlgeria
Largest Country in North AmericaCanada
Largest Country in South AmericaBrazil
Most Populated Country in the WorldChina
Most Populated Country in the Southern HemisphereIndonesia
Most Populated Country in AfricaNigeria
Most Populated Country in South AmericaBrazil
Most Populated Country entirely in EuropeGermany
Smallest Country in the WorldVatican City
Smallest Country in AsiaMaldives
Smallest Country in EuropeVatican City
Smallest Country in South AmericaSuriname
Largest Landlocked Country in the WorldKazhakstan
Country with the longest coastline in the WorldCanada
Country with most borders with other countries China
*Russia lies in 2 continents viz. Asia and Europe

Select the correct answer

1. Largest Country in Africa

2. Most Populated Country in South America

3. Smallest Country in Asia

4. Largest landlocked country in the world

5. Smallest country in South America

6. Most populated country in southern hemisphere