Important International Awards

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#Award/First AwardedAwarded byFieldRemarks
1.Ramon Magsaysay Awards/1958Ramon Magsaysay Foundation, PhilippinesHuman development in AsiaNamed after former President of Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay
2.Right Livelihood Award/1980Right Livelihood Foundation, SwedenChallenges facing societyAlso known as Alternative Nobel Prize
3.Templeton Prize/1973Templeton Foundation, USASpiritualityEstablished by Sir John Templeton (investor, banker and fund manager.)
4.Sakharov Prize/1988European ParliamentHuman rights and freedom of thoughtNamed after Andrei Sakharov, Russian nuclear physicist, dissident, and activist for disarmament, peace and human rights.
5.Pulitzer Prizes/1917Columbia University, New York Newspaper journalism, literary achievements, musical compositionEstablished as per the will of famous newspaper publisher, Joseph Pulitzer.
6.Kalinga Prize/1952UNESCOScience and technologyCreated on donation from Shri Biju Patnaik.
7.World Food Prize/1987World Food Prize FoundationFood related issuesConceived by Dr. Norman Borlaug, noted agronomist and humanatarian.
8.UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize/1989UNESCO (funded by South Korea)Fight against illiteracyNamed after Sejong the Great of Korea who created the Korean alphabet, Hangul.
9.Avicenna Prize/2004UNESCOEthics in scienceNamed after the 11th century Persian physician and philosopher Avicenna
10.Abel Prize/2003Govt of NorwayMathematicsAlso known as the mathematician's Nobel, it is named after Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel.
11.Fields Medal/1936International Mathematical UnionMathematicsAwarded to mathematicians under 40 years of age. Also described as mathematician's Nobel Prize. Awarded once in 4 years at the International Congress of the IMU.
12.Pritzker Prize/1979Hyatt Foundation, USAArchitectureFounded by Jay A. Pritzker and his wife Cindy, the prize is sometimes referred to as the Nobel Prize for Architecture
13.Turing Award/1966Association for Computing Machinery, USAComputersNamed after Alan Turing, a British mathematician and reader in mathematics at the University of Manchester, the Turing Award is generally recognized as the highest distinction in computer science and the "Nobel Prize of computing".

Select the right answer

1. Kalinga Prize has been created on the donation by -

2. Templeton Prize is given in the field of -

3. Which award is given to people from Asia?

4. Which prize is given for architecture?

5. Which university presents the Pulitzer Prizes?

6. Sakharov Prize is given by -

7. Ramon Magsaysay was the former President of -

8. UNESCO King Sejon Literacy Prize is named after a king of -

9. Which prize in Mathematics is given by the International Mathematical Union?

10. Turing Award is given in the field of -