Foreign Invaders of India

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InvaderPoints to remember
Alexander He was the first to invade India in 326 B.C. He defeated King Porus on the banks of River Jhelum. The battle is known as the Battle of Hydaspes. Dhana Nanda of the Nanda dynasty was in power in northern and eastern India at the time of his invasion. Alexander's army mutinied, possibly at the prospect of facing a strong army of the Nandas and Alexander decided to return to Macedonia.
Chengiz Khan He was a Mongolian who conquered some kingdoms on the banks of River Indus in 1221 A.D. The ruler of Delhi at that time was Iltutmish.
Mohammed Bin Qasim He was first muslim to invade India in 712 A.D. He conquered Sindh and Punjab regions along the Indus river but did not advance further.
Timur Timur Lang or Timur the Lame, was a muslim conqueror who invaded India in 1398. The ruler of Delhi at the time was Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah.
Nadir Shah He was the ruler of Iran who invaded India in 1738. He defeated the Mughal Emperor Muhammed Shah and carried with him the Peacock throne and the Kohinoor diamond.
Ahmed Shah Abdali He was the ruler of Afghanistan who invaded India several times between 1747 & 1767, the most famous being the invasion of 1761 when he defeated the Marathas in the 3rd battle of Panipat.

Test Yourself

1. The first Muslim to invade India was Chengiz Khan
2. The battle of Alexander and Porus is known as the Battle of Hydaspes
3. Ahmed Shah Abdali fought the Marathas at the Second Battle of Panipat
4. Chengiz Khan was a Mongolian ruler
5. Nadir Shah carried away the peacock throne and the Kohinoor diamond
6. The ruler of Delhi at the time of Timur's invasion was Feroz Shah