First Events in India

*** इस पृष्ठ को हिंदी में पढ़े ***‌

Event Year
Newspaper29 Jan 1781 (Hicky Calcutta Gazette)
First issue of Postal Stamp1825 (in Sind)
First Telegraph line1851 (Calcutta & Diamond Harbour)
Railways started16 April 1853
First air mail in India & World Bumraulli to Allahabad (6 miles) 1911
Broadcasting started in India1927
1st electric train23 Feb 1925
All India Radio established1936
Television started1959
First Atomic Power Station commissioned at Tarapur1969
First nuclear test carried out18 May 1974
India's first satellite, Aryabhata launched19 April 1975
Colour Television started1982
1st metro trains in India1984 (Kolkata)
Internet came to India15 August 1995 (provided by BSNL)
India's first mission to Moon (Chandrayaan-1) launched22 October 2008
India's first mission to Mars (Mangalyaan) launched05 November 2013
India's first newsprint factory was set up at Nepanagar (MP) in1947
India's first cement factory was set up in Chennai in1904
India's first steel factory was set up in Jamshedpur in1907
India's first cotton mill was set up in Bombay in1854


Events in India

Event in IndiaOptionYear
1. All India Radio a. 1959
2. Televisionb. 1853
3. Newspaperc. 1911
4. Railwaysd. 1851
5. Air maile. 1936
6. Telegraph linef. 1781