Facts about United Nations Organisation

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UNO came into existence as a result of the United Nations Conference on International Organisations in 1945 in San Francisco to draw up the United Nations Charter.
UN charter was signed on 26 Jun 1945 by 51 founding members.
Declaration of United Nations was drafted by Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Harry Hopkins (Roosevelt aide)
Four Policeman was coined to refer to US, UK, Soviet Union and China.
US President Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the term United Nations
Charter came into force 24 Oct 1945 which is observed as UN Day.
1st Secretary General – Trygve Lie Norwegian Foreign Minister
It has its headquarters in Manhattan, New York (USA)
It also has offices at Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi.
The number of official languages of the UNO are SIX viz. 1. Arabic, 2. Chinese, 3. English, 4. French, 5. Russian and 6. Spanish
Total number of member States as of Sep 2017 is 193
It has TWO observer States namely Holy See (Vatican City) and Palestine
It has SIX principal organs – 1. General Assembly 2. Security Council 3. Economic and Social Council 4. Secretariat 5. International Court of justice 6. UN Trustership Council. (inactive since 1994)
The organisation won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001