Facts about United Nations Organisation

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Facts to Remember

  • UNO came into existence as a result of the United Nations Conference on International Organisations in 1945 in San Francisco to draw up the United Nations Charter.
  • UN charter was signed on 26 Jun 1945 by 51 founding members.
  • Declaration of United Nations was drafted by Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Harry Hopkins (Roosevelt aide)
  • Four Policeman was coined to refer to US, UK, Soviet Union and China.
  • US President Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the term United Nations
  • Charter came into force 24 Oct 1945 which is observed as UN Day.
  • 1st Secretary General – Trygve Lie Norwegian Foreign Minister
  • It has its headquarters in Manhattan, New York (USA)
  • It also has offices at Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi.
  • The number of official languages of the UNO are SIX viz. 1. Arabic, 2. Chinese, 3. English, 4. French, 5. Russian and 6. Spanish
  • Total number of member States as of June 2023 is 193
  • It has TWO observer States namely Holy See (Vatican City) and Palestine.
  • It has SIX principal organs – 1. General Assembly 2. Security Council 3. Economic and Social Council 4. Secretariat 5. International Court of justice 6. UN Trustership Council. (inactive since 1994)
  • The organisation won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001


Select the right answer

1. U.N.O. won the Nobel Peace Prize in -

2. The first Secretary General Trygve Lie was from -

3. Four Policemen did not include which country?

4. In 1945 the UN Conference on International Organisations was held in -

5. How many observer states does the UNO have?

6. Which UN Organ is inactive at present?

7. Number of Official languages of the UNO is -

8. Number of founding members of UNO were -

9. UN Charter was signed on

10. Who coined the term United Nations