Equivalent Ranks in the Armed Forces

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Officer Ranks

Indian Army Indian Navy Indian Air Force
GeneralAdmiralAir Chief Marshal
Lieutenant GeneralVice AdmiralAir Marshal
Major GeneralRear AdmiralAir Vice Marshal
BrigadierCommodoreAir Commodore
ColonelCaptainGroup Captain
Lieutenant ColonelCommanderWing Commander
MajorLieutenant CommanderSquadron Leader
CaptainLieutenantFlight Lieutenant
LieutenantSub-LieutenantFlying Officer

Personnel Below Officer Ranks

Indian Army Indian Navy Indian Air Force
Subedar MajorMaster Chief Petty Officer (First Class)Master Warrant Officer
SubedarMaster Chief Petty Officer (Second Class)Warrant Officer
Naib SubedarChief Petty OfficerJunior Warrant Officer
HavaldarPetty OfficerSergeant
NaikAble SeamanCorporal
Lance NaikLeading SeamanLeading Aircraftsman



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