Capitals of Countries of South America

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Facts about South America

  • South America is the fourth largest continent with Asia, Africa and North America at the first, second and third position respectively.
  • It has only 12 countries, the lowest among populated continents.
  • Brazil is the largest country by area and population in the continent and occupies roughly half of the continent's land area.
  • Suriname is the smallest country both by population and area in the continent.
  • The southernmost point of South America is Cape Horn, located in Chile.
  • Equator passes through Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, while Tropic of Capricorn passes through Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.
  • South America is connected to North America by the Isthmus of Panama.
  • South America is separated from Antarctica by a body of water named Drake's Passage.

Interesting Facts about Capital Cities

  • The northernmost capital in South America is Caracas which is the capital of Venezuela.
  • The southernmost capital is Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.
  • The highest capital in the world is La Paz, the capital of Bolivia.
  • The capital city located on the Equator is Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Capitals of South American Countries

# Country Capital
1.ArgentinaBuenos Aires
2.BoliviaSucre (Judicial) and La Paz (administrative)

Map of South America

map of South America


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Fill in the blanks – Capitals of American Countries

1. Colombia
2. Argentina
3. Paraguay
4. Peru
5. Uruguay
6. Bolivia
7. Suriname
8. Chile
9. Ecuador
10. Venezuela

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